Exerpeutic 900xl Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike With Pulse Review

Low impact workouts are great for people who have had injuries or are recovering from injuries and still want to keep their body fit.

Not all the workout bikes will provide you with low impact exercises, and they are easy on your body. This is the main reason you should have a recumbent bike if you want to keep fit without causing stress on your joints.

The big problem comes when selecting the best bike on the market among the hundreds of models that are available.

I have shared with you a review of one of the most efficient workout bike that is perfect for challenging your body without the risks of injuries.

Keep fit with the Exerpeutic 900xl Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike that comes with a hand pulse.

This bike is carefully crafted to provide you with excellent workouts all the time. It comes at a very affordable price supporting users with up to 300 pounds.

Challenging Cardiovascular Workout

If you want to engage in challenging cardiovascular, this is the right recumbent bike to have. It is easy on your body so you will not experience stress and strain on your back and joints during a workout.

This bike will help you stay in shape if you engage infrequent workouts combined with a balanced diet.

Magnetic Tension Control System

Users can benefit a lot from the eight levels of magnetic tension control provided. It is easy to personalize your ride and challenge your body from time to time.

Increasing or decreasing the level of resistance is easy allowing you to train at your desired intensity.


LCD Display

For motivation, it is important to know how you perform so that you can make the necessary improvements in the coming days.

This is why this recumbent bike is designed with an easy to read LCD display that shows time, distance, calories, speed and information about your heart rate.

Comfortable And Adjustable Seat

The seat on this recumbent bike is large and cushioned to fit all types of users with ease. It can also be adjusted up to six feet.

This offers room for all types of riders with varying heights to make the right adjustments for comfortable workout posture.

Quiet Pedaling

Whether you want to workout in your bedroom when your partner and the kids are sleeping or in the living room as you catching up with your favorite program, this recumbent bike allows smooth rides all the time

It doesn’t produce noise when you are working out hence you do not worry about disturbing the people around you.


  • The bike is lightweight for easy transportation
  • The heart rate sensors provide accurate information
  • Provides quiet pedaling
  • The seat is easy to adjust
  • It comes with a warranty


  • The seat is not cushioned to your liking
  • It takes some time to assemble the bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the seat of this recumbent bike comfortable for long sessions of workout?
A: I got this exercise bike as a present from my girlfriend. I love it, and I find the seat comfortable because of its low and stable back support.
Q: I’m looking forward to buying this recumbent bike for my mom. She is 5 feet tall. Will she be comfortable using this bike?
A: I have a lady-friend who is also five feet tall, and she uses the bike for workouts comfortably. So it is the best product to buy your mom.
Q: Do I need to do any assembly when I receive this recumbent bike?
A: This bike doesn’t come with all the parts put together. I received mine some few months ago, and I took less than an hour to assemble the bike.


Final Verdict

This bike is worth having at home because it holds up more weight as compared to other expensive bikes that offer less for their price.

If you have a home gym, and you are looking forward to quality workout tools, consider this recumbent bike as a great purchase.

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