Marcy Me-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Are you looking forward to getting in shape or simply changing your fitness routine? Either way, the Marcy Me-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike will be a perfect choice to go for.

Marcy me-709 recumbent exercise  bike is among the best on the bike that are designed to provide the users with convenient workouts all the times.

The good thing with this bike is that it helps you get the best from your exercises and provides you with feedback about your overall performance.

This is an effective way of helping you boost your morale so that you can train harder and longer to get that body shape that you have always admired.

Another special thing that you will appreciate in this workout bike is the large counterbalanced pedals featuring foot straps that keep your feet in place when you are working out.

There are other significant features that make  recumbent exercise  bike the best when it comes to indoor training. Let’s have a look at some notable things present in this workout bike.

Small Footprint

When compared to upright bikes, this Mercy bike is not as compact as some of the upright bikes you will find. But when it comes to recumbent bikes, this model is quite compact.

This makes it ideal for most users who dwell in apartments and other people with limited storage space. You can store the bike compactly without occupying too much space.

Variable Resistance

New and experienced users can use the bike perfectly well without problems. The variable resistance makes it easy for the user to increase the intensity of the workouts to improve your fitness.

With this recumbent bike, you can start at low levels of intensity and increase the levels considerably as you workout.

Adjustable Seat

This recumbent bike is designed so that it can accommodate different users. All you need to do is to customize the bike according to your height.

All users in your household will enjoy comfortable workouts by making the desired seat adjustments that will fit their individual heights.

Sturdy Construction

This bike has been designed with high quality materials making it easy for heavier cyclists to ride the bike without the fear of tipping over.

The stability of this bike is overwhelming; it stays grounded even when you are engaged in fast workouts at any given level of resistance.


If you want to get all your workout stats, you can easily read the details on the display monitor. This is an effective way of helping you track your workouts so that you can achieve your fitness goals.

When you have your workout statistics on your fingertips, you train harder to improve your performance.


  • The bike has a durable construction
  • Step-through design makes it easy to enter and leave the bike
  • It has a large console display
  • The seat is adjustable
  • The pedals have foot straps


  • It doesn’t have a heart rate monitor
  • The bike doesn’t come with workout programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I weight almost 350 pound. Can I use this recumbent bike for workouts?

A: This bike is study. I bought a few months ago and I weigh 360 pounds. I use it comfortably for exercise at home.

Q: Is it hard to change from one level of resistance to the other?

A: I have not experienced any problems with this recumbent so far. Everything seems to be working well including the resistance.

Q: How sturdy is this bike? I had a previous bike that kept on shaking every time you are working out. I don’t want to experience that again.

A: This bike is sturdy and I highly recommend it. It will support heavy users without breaking down or shaking. It is a great buy.

 Final Verdict

Simply because you live very far away from the gym or find gym membership too high doesn’t mean that you cannot keep your body at its best figure.

Get an amazing workout bike like the Marcy Me-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike and enjoy the freedom of doing your own workouts at home.

Marcy me-709 recumbent exercise  bike has everything that you would love to see in a recumbent bike and it is also comfortable to help you train without problems.

You will also enjoy the preset levels of smooth magnetic resistance that is delivered by the eddy current and many more things offered by this bike.

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