Sunny Health And Fitness Sf-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Adverse weather such as rain can be a barrier when you want to cycle your bicycle and work on your physical fitness.

Sunny health and fitness sf-B1110 cycling bike gives a smooth, quiet and comfortable indoor cycle. It gives you a more realistic outdoor environment just within your home and helps you burn your calories and keep your fitness goals on track.

You can purchase this product and share the experience of riding a real bike without feeling that it is a fitness machine.


It also helps you save some amount that you would have rather used to pay for gym services. That is, when you register for gym services, you will be required to pay some bills per month.

If you include the transport you use every day to go to work out at the gym, it is very expensive. Therefore, this indoor cycling bike saves you a lot and helps you perfect your fitness. I have benefited from it, and it has helped me save a lot.

Transportation Wheels

I t is fitted with wheels which will help you move it quickly from one location to the other within your house.

For instance, you can move it next to your window so that you have a clear view of the environment. This will give you a realistic cycling experience and even a refreshed mind.

Chain Drive Mechanism For Smooth And Quiet Workout

This product helps you have a smooth workout experience without any interference. I find it easy to tune into my favorite music and cycle to the rhythm of the music. I can increase the speed according to the pace I want.

Adjustable Seats And Handlebars

This product gives you an opportunity to adjust the seats and handlebars according to your height. This will prevent overstretching which will make you get exhausted quickly.

This will, therefore, give you an efficient and comfortable workout experience. I find it easy to work out with my kids at home since the seats handlebars only take a minute to change and adjust according to the heights of everyone.

Maximum Weight Of 250 Lbs

This product is durable, and one should not worry about their weight. The product is manufactured to carry up to a weight of 250 lbs. Customers have confirmed that they are not worried about their weight. My brother is 160 lbs, and he can comfortably fit on my bike and ride it with a lot of ease. Therefore, the bike cannot easily break hence making it durable.

Heavy Duty Crank And Steel Frame With 44-Lb Flywheel

Flywheel makes you feel that you are riding a real bike and makes you not think that it is just but a fitness machine.

The sound it produces makes you have a realistic ride. This, therefore, helps you burn out your calories and get motivated to bit the targets you have set for the day.


  • Relatively affordable
  • It is portable- can me moved to different locations.
  • It gives a quiet and smooth workout.
  • Seats can be adjusted hence suits everyone.
  • It is very easy to assemble.


  • Tiresome since you have to continue pedaling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the seat be changed? I want a bike that has a comfortable seat to my liking.

A: Yes, I changed out the seat on my bike without experiencing any problems.

Q:  Is hard to move it around for storage? I had problems moving my previous bike, and I do not want to experience that.

A: It is easy to move it for storage because the bike is designed with transport wheels which make the work relatively easy.

Final Verdict

This is a great fitness machine which most customers have appreciated. With less than $300, you can work on your fitness with a lot of ease considering the realistic feature of the product.

It is convenient and environment-friendly since it is not noisy. It also gives you an a chance to change its position since it is portable.

You can get this workout bike and keep your body in the right shape as well as strengthen your muscles from the comfort of your house.

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